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January 21, 2009



atleast, he is more active than 9ice on stage..he was looking straight at the audience snd collaborating wit da dancers..critic, wat more do you want from him?

Ms Ifeanyinwa

Aah...mola you have to be careful...they go soon rush you My problem with Nigerian live (so called) shows, is that they don't even bother to mime properly. Half the time, the mic was nowhere near his mouth.

I won't feel very satisfied if i had paid to watch this.

Mola OG

@tmonei d guy try... Just by performing alone is good enough, but I think he can improve.... 9ice is not all that on stage, but he improves every time I see him perform... unfortunately Deebee can't compare to 9ice right now.. but d guy de sing, I will give him dat... I am definitely not knocking his perfromance, but just give him my 2cents on how he can improve...

@Ms Ifeanyinwa LOL!


@Ms ifeayinwa..miming is a very big makes the artist look like amateaur...if you are not a rap artist you have no reason not to perform wit a live band, abi?....look at usher, chris brown, kelly roland and co, when they come to anaija to perform they bring a live band and shows their versatility...naija artist need to invest more in their craft and give more to da fans instead of buying panda jewelries to show off....thanks


I can't evn hear anything. It all looks funny to me.


hmm.. at live performances... it is quite simply, from what I have seen, acts are ready to performan live but guys when the promoter is only offering 200k, you think about it. The acts coming into the country are paid so much more, so they better perform live.

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