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January 08, 2009


Elenu Nla

ibadan boy! "dis girls gots strongs feelins for me!" No vex for me oh! I just watch Jenifa pt 2 for the first time. the girl try with the bigs girl stuff (see youtube if interested)

I'm feeling the instrumental nice. I don't know about the farts here and there. They were too loud and distracting.

Ayamaboy and youahagel! lol! naija pipuuuuuuuu

I'da really appreciated the track better if dude just do the rap with naija flow. the accent + yankee type sounding flow wasn't cutting it for me.

overall. Track gets a C.

Mola OG

lol Elenu Nla you are a trip... funny gal.. abeg provide the link to that Jennifa part 2 on youtube, I've been looking for it since I watched part 1... that is the funniest yoruba movie I have watched


da grin's yoruba flow is killer but i'm not rily feelin dis one. i agree wit elenu as far as not using yankee flow. doesn't work for me either n dr. frabz is also on a serious come up. dude also produced weird mc's riwanwo, shank's too late, yq and da grin's efimile, lala and da grin's idi nla (booty hardcore), jasi on mo hits, durella's zanga remix. i also heard he did a bunch of underground work for dem mo hits crew. i'm seriously feelin his style

Elenu Nla

I can't view youtube and videos from work, but I think is the first link. I didn't even watch it from the very beginning and I didn't see part 1. I'm not a fan of naija movies but mehnnnn I think I'll start watching yoruba movies, or at least the ones by the lady who made this movie. Very good message at the end, even though some may be farfetched.

Since my yoruba sucks, I'm just mad at the subtitles sometimes. Don't they have people who edit that shege? Complete instead of compete. It might not seem like a big deal but it is when the sentence is like "how dare that village rat try to complete with me". Major igbon! but very very very funny movie nevertheless.


i knida like it tho... nt as good as he's yoruba flows but hey im still feeling it... it'll be a killer tho if he puts some of his yoruba flows on this beat, cos d beat is bangin.

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