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January 15, 2009



men i dey feel dis song..

Mola OG

the guy sounds like naija Jay-Z, but at least he maintaned the naija accent... ill Bliss self try... Waiting on a full mixtape from him

I concur Bigiano's album is solid... d guy try


Try and post another song from his album please... only heard shayo.

Elenu Nla

naija music don upgrade oh! dat girl Snypa just smash raouw raouw any hou on top the track oh!


Naija bobos and ladies just killin' it! I am overall very proud of ma ppl o!

Thumbs up!



I luuurve this song and now the remix is as tight as f**k. The first verse guy don't sound like JayZ to me. Thank God this sniper girl is finally in a new song..I thot I'd nevr hear from her again.
NICE REMIX. Ill Bliss.. Damn!

Deji D

nice infusions of busta rhymes' touch it beat...ive been jamming all the versions of this song for days now...


haba, why is it not letting me listen? No fair....

Ovie O

@ SSD, try refreshin' ur page. Its playin perfectly well here... and I think its also playin 4 others...


tight remix!!!!!.


them try


dat first verse so sounded like jayz except u dnt knw J. jesus dat guy who did dat verse is bad. I bet jayz might get scared when he hears dat verse wow

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