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January 24, 2009


Elenu Nla

I really like Tonestar on this. I think his voice really works, and his verse is pretty nice.

AKS sounds no different. nothing special. Lyrics that go no deeper than my toilet bowl.

the beat...VERY NICE!!!!

maybe I'll come back and relisten when It's not almost 3:30am. Goodnight!

funsho lekan

@ elenu nla guy u be one pure hater...tonestar did good no doubt but for u to say no different pn this one...AHHHH AHHHH...whicc nonsense....this was a club banga...BOYAKA........FIYAAA ME LIKEY....


what? what? WHAAAAAAT? Now if I say something, Elenu will call me an AKS Voltron! Seriously! This joint made it for me! Am like waking up the whole family right now bumping to this joint! Abeg, Mr. Mole Download link pleeeeease!!! BOYAKA BOYAKA!

And what an unexpected collaboration! ToneStar of all people? He killed this track son! Mad respect to these cats all over!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


EYO! Am re-listening to this track.... Sean-C Killed that joint at the end SON!!! WHAT? See Auto-Tune @ it's best lol... And D-Mite BEAT is official son! Too MAAAD! (Just keeping it real... I love these guys (No Homo!))

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


This is just not good @ all. i am wondering why tonestar got on this, i dont like this @ all.


i like this track but i'm not sure where it fits in.

It would be cooler with a diff beat. the beat is to 'americana'. Maybe an ID Cabasa remix for example?


Ioono..thurrs just too much to listen to....whether its d lyrics or d voice dey usin or d's just too much.
Soundin like some bustarhymes song from d early 90's.


alright towards d end...lyrics sounded cool hu evr dat is..


Wow... 4real? Lol... like are we listening to the same song?

@rapjunkie: to americana? what? so when M.I. did a track to Drop it like it's hot, aint that an americana beat? or a millie freestyle??? Keep it real son.

@bsb: YES! That was Sean-C my guy... killed it!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!

Elenu Nla

Una no go die because Elenu Nla get opinion. Omo guys, I never diss una for liking AKS oh. Ive only noticed that chyno is a ballhugger. its alrighttt...AKS get plenty stan and he's one of them.

I know when I like dia stuff, and when I don't. I can like a M.I track 2day and criticize another. I no be blind follower. same way as when sometimes i like durella, and most times i don't. at the same time, some other people fit jump in front of bullet for the dude.

abeg, look up definition of hater before you call me that.

okay. I'll give you breakdown

the beat is already heavy. there's a lot going on. the flow on the first verse is toooo fast, the beat is already fast. it makes it very distracting. i forget to dance, i forget how to listen.

Tonestar, took his time on his verse. no shouting. yes, its not AKS style to do that. but i wasn't distracted.

after tonestar's verse, did the person forget to how to rap? They're how many people in the group? 3? on 1 song, i'm sure they can all bring hot verses. it's not dat difficult. some people do full songs by themselves and bring sick verses on EACH verse.

but i didn't say this at first, all i said was i wasn't really feeling the song but i really like the beat.

"she's impressed by the way we dressss, we are aksssss" lol. thumbs up on the rhyme!

either way, AKS do your thingggggg. Naija loves you. who the fuck is Elenu Nla with 1 single lonely opinion? However, I am not a hater. I appreciate music. I have my preferences. Free me yes!


Lol... @ Elenu: I didn;t call u a hater oooh... Lol... and please I am not a nallhugger! Abeg free me too... I won't lie it took me some time to get used to them but seriously that's your opinion! I will never call you a hater if you do not like them. I can only speak to what appeals to me and sometimes I really do feel like I am almost the only one that think outside the box! But that's what makes us all different and unique right?

So please by all means express your opinions to the fullest because there was a time I couldn't stand them too!! So FYI I am not an AKS Voltron I just love the energy they bring to their music!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!

Elenu Nla

My bad Chino. I shuda said FUNSHOLEKAN don't call me a hater. lol

Abeg you've been freed jo! enjoy your AKS all you want.


i like it...d-mite did his thang on the beat and surprisingly Tonestar killed his verse...impressive.. keep up d good work.

Ovie O

Good stuff. The track actually got better as it progressed. Nice beat as well.


I'm no fan of Tonestar, but dude brought the best verse on this mediocre song.

Yes, I said it. Mediocre. Middling. Marginal. The beat is stock - which of us hasn't banged this out on a desk in secondary school? And it's way too rowdy/noisy. Volume is not a substitute for intensity.

The elements never meshed, in my opinion. It felt like I was listening to three songs at once, rather than one coherent, cohesive whole.


Wow... Medicore?? That's a bit too extreme!! I loved it all.

You guys did great! and big ups to thebeat because I havn't enjoyed Nigerian music as much as this. Tonestar is 9ice i need to check out more of his work. I love the vibe of this track..

African Kings all the way!


I like African Kings and their hustle. There were too many things going on the 1st verse... too noisy. I'm thinking its that D-mite guy again. He should pls stick to beats jare. Aside that, the song got better, and the auto-tune at the end was nice.


aks wack people, i vomited while listening to this horrible song, pls people stick to skool

funsho lekan

LIKE WOW...I CANT BUT TO LISTEN TO THIS AGAIN./....this song really GOES HARD.....anyone on here hating or down talking this is really trying HARD TO BAD BELLE this peoples work/////


Anyone who says this song is wack, garbage or sucks is clearly deaf of doesn't understand English. I heard it the first time, and I got it. re-listened to it like maybe 4 or 5 times thinking maybe I wasn't hearing the correct song. How can you say such lie? I loved this song and this song will definitely make me wanna shake my ass to it. The 1st verse is what caught my attention and it kept getting hotter! These guys are very VERY creative and I will be paying attention to them more often now.

The 1st guy sounds Krunk, 2nd guy sounds smooth with swag and the third one, which I am guessing is Sean-C sounds ok but that last guy who sang the track sounds SEXY as hell! I would do him ANYTIME lol. (Yes I said it so holla @ your girl.)

So Bogun, (yes You!) you disgust me with your false criticism.

P.S.: And I have noticed there seems to be a lot of hatred going on towards these artists. Why is it so? Is there something I missed out on or what? Whatever be the case, little do y'all know that the more hate they get, the more successful they will become.

Big ups to African Kings and ToneStar.


lol... The 3rd guy was Sean too... That's what I've been trying to tell them! These guys got talent but they are trying to crush it. I seriously respect their hustle.

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!

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