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December 28, 2008


Ovie O

Mola, u already know how I feel about d vid. The least he should have done was get real makossa dancers for this, or at least a few people who can actually dance... not a few thugs jumping around (no offense to anyone in particular). Even the camera trick they're trying 2 show-off dates back to the Great Depression... or a few years after. He seems 2 4get his music is no longer for Niger-Delta/Eastern audiences only. Negro's going global... he needs 2 act like it.
I still got mad luv 4 him tho. I'm just irked out.

SiSi Blu

Sooooooooooo the feedio and the song don't correlate and I did not enjoy having to bend my neck ever so often. Why did they keep turning the video upside down?


Yeah looks like this is d new trick dey just learnt of which we all know is outdated. As for the song, am not feelin it.

Bla Bla

Maybe I should just copy and paste Ovie O comment.

Abagun Abisoye

true the video is not hot......but timaya is on FIRE.


i really love this song,itz d bomb!!!!!

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