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December 01, 2008



Thanks for linking to our article. very fun, nicely done site. Luv it!


Thanks for linking to our site. What a great site. Nicely done!

Femi aka Razer

Now when are they going to show MAMA in the UK. Mtv UK is playing games. Who can help me out?

Mola OG

ur welcome Ms Brille...thanx for stoppin by d blog

@Femi I did not watch it here in the states either, but I am not sure if it aired or not... I'm surprised that they did not show it in the UK of all places.


Dey'll show it on MTVBASE 10.30pm channell 352 on sky. Am so excited! I just wanna see d'banj and Kelly Rowland..Ikechukwu u have tried "wind" am well shey?


OMO Nigeria dey run many africans won awards? Dey shud have just cald it MTV Nigeria awards...WE D BEST!!!


Can u's just for one hour...anyways at least they'r showing it.


I have my own points and i will say this award is no point at all,if music in Africa will be toyed with all the time like they have always done in the past.
1 how can 9ice win hiphop award when he doesnt sing hiphop?
2 how can an award for best video go to WIND AM WELL when other better videos are avaible on the continent in same year?
There are other 3 how can Naeto c win award for best new artist where we have Asa for that....
Mtv base award needs to be questioned.
This is my view and points and am not hating but this is just a way forward for music in africa and not just Naija.


I agree wid u Timmynaija even though I haven't watched it 9ice, best hiphop LOL..more LOL..anh anh wat happend to mode9 n illbliss...naah dey shud really b questioned.

Mola OG

@bsb unfortunately, neither Mode 9 nor illbliss may ever win awards because of their style of music. Same reason why Nas has never won an award in his 15 year career...
Except it is strictly like a hiphop award show like if Mtv creates a hiphop Mtv awards or AIT HipHop Awards...

@Timmynaija, thanx for stoppin by the blog... I hope MTV Africa decision makers are reading this so that they can tweak next year's award a little bit.


den dey shudn't give out hiphop awards. thank God 4 least ill bliss won best hiphop der n Nas presented d award.

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