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December 08, 2008



Video edit: is it just me or is he wearing a wedding ring? If yes, then it should have been edited out or he made to take it off for video purposes unless that is his wife he is singing all these amazing words to.

Mola OG

Ladybrille your eyes are sharp!.. I watched the video again and u r right...

lol @ amazing words


lol @ ladybrille

The guys toasting is amazing!

So he's big in Jand, eh? That's very good. Ko easy.


@ Ladybrille:

Lol... 4real =D


oo, this dude is still @ d weddin ring thingy...mayb..naah mayb nothin, dat was a silly thing to do.


I forgot to comment on the song..I guess I wasn't bothered by d song..wasn't even feelin anything...just one of them..

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