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December 31, 2008


Ovie O

I can concretely say I'm a fan of Omeaku Chibuike Franklyn. His delivery is super-silky-smooth! G. Malone - formerly of Sony, but now signed to Cash Money Records - is a huge rapper in Cali, so this goes down as one of Naija's high-profile collabos.
If any Nigerian artist has a real chance of breaking into the U.S. market, its Meaku! He's most definitely worth the hype!

Elenu  Nla

I like the way he approached the interview. Very focused sounding somebody. I'd like to hear more depth tho. Enjoyable club music. thumbs up.


Dude gotta nice voice ei. Am happy for him. And the song kinda sounds like one of 'em trey songs, dream. I like his style.
Evry1 tomorrow is my birthday. Pray for me enh. I feel old. Happy New Year!!

Mola OG

Happy B.Day bsb in advance...

Ovie O

@ bsb, how old will u be? New Year baby! Happy Birthday in a few hrs...


Thanks y'all for d bday wishes. Don't worry bsb is a small gurl oooh...Still a
I'll b sure to post some rice via



Bla Bla

The guy sabi. He's worth the hype. About breaking into the American market... emmm... no! Its way too congested for slow singers like this. He reminds me of Craig David.

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