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December 31, 2008



This guys' voice is gettin me all irrtated n sh1t. It's not working for me. I wudn't b caught listenin to dis at all. HAAHH


This guys' voice is gettin me all irrtated n sh1t. It's not working for me. I wudn't b caught listenin to dis at all. HAAHH


Just listened to the Naija song.
All yah ppl shud stop makin all these we go make am, our corrupted government, i go speak my mind kinda songs cuz its not like dey givin any1 hope or stopin crime or anything. Nothin is happenin, things are still d same. Abeg jare n d voice is still irritatin.


Yeah n tomorrow is my birthday. I hav d right to hype right????
I'm really sorry if am not but am so excited. HAH. In ur face!!!! Don't mind me please.

Ovie O

Babe! Nuffin do u. U can post as fast as u type. Its all love. ...and don't 4get 2 email me my fried rice and dodo. lol.

DJ Shobee

Superb!!! This song is too good... Just coped Keeno's album on iTunes 2 weeks ago...The album dey too much .... As a UK club DJ ... tracks from the album gets ravers craaaayzay!!!

Poster... Put "Follow Me" on here na!!! Abeg!!


Mr abi Mrs BSB .... What would you rather have people do if the state of Naija needs highlighting? Make dem just keep quiet like you? Say you no dey Naija no mean say you go forget say na your country be that o!... If you can not contructively criticise peeps who are actually creatively making an effort in highlighting whats going on there, then just no yan at all.

Poster ... We need more posts like this... I'm in love with Keeno and his songs make too much sense... Especially "My Mama"


Hmmm Someone's sounding like a hater in here. Keeno is hot.


just because some1 disagrees wid other peoples opinions doesn't mean that d person is a hater.
Abeg y'all shud leave me alone n if you don't like wat am sayin bout some peoples music then don't bother talkin cause am still gonna be like this whether you like it or not.
N I still don't appreciate keenos music so stop botherin.
@uduak: I get misinterpretd easily so i'll take watevr you say.

Bla Bla

Y'all be easy now. Don't throw punches.


Person don loss here o! Guy e dey like say na floodlight we go need to find u and point you to where Naija dey o!


ABEG JARE no one is lost here....Looks like u guys r new...

ShElenu Nla

I'm a Keeno fan, but I have to agree with BSB on this mistake trak. Don't care for it.

Naija Sorry, I like. i like d pain in voice. its ruff.

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