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December 16, 2008


Ms ifeanyinwa

Igho represents once for the song...please...the lyrics insult my intelligence.


As in no comments to this at all....But can we atleast stick to some realistic videos, not to say video was bad but could be atleast more realistic.......As for lyrics, i have nothing to say........OK


lol... Need I say more? y'all went str8 to the point =D

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


Abeg make una free Kaka & Durella! Na my personal people be dat. Wutz d difference btw this song and "I love that booty" or "shake that laffy taffy"?? ...or many other songs we'd rock out in a club? I agree... its shallow, but still... the video is gr8, the fly chicks are shaking their kaka (lol), d liquor is pouring... makes a good recipe 4 a club banger in my opinion. If una vex, make una go siddon 4 inside toilet. We're taking it str8 2 d Zanga!!!

PS: There's LOADS of bias in my comment. lol.


NotJustOk... No review, no right up, no comment??? yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?


Egbe, I agree. Mr. Notjustok not just avoided commenting, he also refused to "ok" it. Is that a sign?


This is a funny song...ROTFLMAO. So kaaka is d new name for ikebe. Imagine, making your stage name the same as the booty???? dude???


I am still waiting...

Mola OG

@ Egbe the song is just Ok... The video is not Just Ok... let's see if Kaka can come out with a better song as time goes on... I suggest he go back in the studio and come up with like 3 single worthy tracks.. I think he has it in him


You disappoint me not.


Mola and Ovie, you guys are the bomb... any new stuff from Dur-gbaski?


Abeg the track n video are onpoint, i think its a club banger n if u say this isnt a good song then u're a hypocrite cos wen it comes on in the club u'll still dance so please every club song is shallow as Ovie said, appreciate it 4 now n wait 4 the dudes album 2 drop b4 u tlk

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