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December 08, 2008



go 'head girl!

which one be shankolo? I must update my pidgin dictionary. This one na wa oh!


I want her to take some more risk with the vocal range. She does it a couple times towards the end but she didn't seem too sure. She has it in her to blow, maybe with the right song and even more technical training, she will let her voice go. But, I have enjoyed listening and dancing over here to this song.

Definitely gets a serious hand clap from me.


I can't even front: I LOVE THIS SONG! Spotted it on Underdarock sometime in d summer. I immediately added her myspace page to my "favorites" list, so i could pop up this song anytime (at least, 2wice a day for a month, cos it wasn't available 4 download. This is certainly up there with S.L.K's "Oju Ife Lo."

@solomonsydelle, her voice range?! U should hear "Ashikituga." Splendid song! ...and shankolo na yansh (methinks).

PS: Why is it suddenly appearing on all the blogs at d same time? Did she fire her old marketing manager? lol.


I spotted it on Bella Naija and I was sold. I've even found myself playing it a couple of times.

@solomonsydelle: I do agree on the vocal range. She starts off promising that depth when she says "feel the heat." Then it tapers off and does not appear to the end like you say. But, like Ovie says, we probably need to hear the whole album to make a conclusion. Proclamation reserved for now but loving the Omo U 2 Sexy song. Tres bien!



Just listened to Ashikituga and her other songs on her site and Myspace. I am so sold! Wow! I also love her fashion sense. She makes dread locking hair look super sexy. SOLD!



I LOVE THIS SOOOONG!!! I hurrd there should be a music video coming soon... But I love it and it's catchy!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


whatzz her myspace page??

Mola OG

thanx for stoppin by the blog Don..


OO dis style plus guy..wat is shankolo?..d song is a'aight but I aint feelin it? She's got a shaky voice like other Nigerian female musicians....Just ther to me.


ancient song but i still love it!

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