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December 02, 2008



at the beginning I was like word?...I don't get, there's something missing or is it that ther's too much of everything. D other hausa dude in the song shud b d same guy in M.I'S Blaize song..Let's just wait and see wat Jesse Jagz is gettin at...D beat is...I don't know jare...just can't figure it out.


Props to Jesse Jagz who is involved in all his tracks from scratch to finish;he produces, writes, and promotes his shit. He definately has a bright future ahead of him and we'll see more good work from him. His currently workn and producing tracks for some of the upcoming & big Nigerian artists as we speak.


On the real, can someone pls tell me where he intends to sell this?!?! Not the Nigeria I grew up in; it sure ain't d Yankee I live in. Don't get me wrong, its quite unique (and catchy), BUT... I'm guessing this guy will remain an internet artist; and that's it. Maybe there's a market in ....uhhh... Gambia, or Lesotho, or someplace where they'll embrace this. Otherwise,... he go soak garri 4 a long long time.


is this like a remix or something, cos i swear the real bend down low didnt sound like this. i think i lik this version!


@lalaboi.. you have the original mix that leaked out about 2 years ago...


Ovie makes an excellent point. A lot of our artists seem to be targeting a fictional US audience that simply doesn't exist for them. There aren't enough Yankee-obsessed, hip-hop savvy Nigerians to support this stuff. Why would I buy this, living in the US, over the Busta Rhymez it's obviously aping?

Good luck with that.

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