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December 16, 2008


Elenu Nla

too much like lil wayne type flow, kinda like MI on that track with Djinee...d one where he took errbody shit and killed dem w/ it. but now it makes homeboy we listening to look blah.

Mola OG

@Elenu Nla I don't here any hint of MI flow in his style... Let me listen 3 more times and notice if hear what u r hearing

Elenu Nla

MI sounded like lil wayne on that track, this track has too much lil wayne all over it..hence...he sounds like MI.


how come I can't find the play icon for the song? Is the music there?

Mola OG

it's right there below Ice's picture.


Just when I thought I'd seen it all. This guy's CRUNK!!! ...and NO! he does NOT sound like MI. Maybe u're saying his wordplay is as good as MI and Lil Wayne but he certainly doesn't... wait oh!

"U my blood, my vain, my artery"...

Well, MI and Lil Wayne would say that... but STILL lets give credit where its due.

Elenu Nla

eh hennn...give credit where due...but ma point is, u hear 9ice part one, dope, den part two, cool, but once part three enter ground, it becomes blah, b4 u know it, its wack.


u rock.................... 9ja 4 life


Duuuuuuude! I actually have to agree with Elenu on this one! He actually sounds like M.I lol... Don't get me wrong... shit is Blazing but it cant be helped... Itz juss like how we compare Durella and Dbanj! Dbanj came out HOT but when u hear Durella u say "Eeemm... Ok Dbanj wanna bee..." even tho rumor says Dbanj jocked Durella's style! So Yea... he got a lil of MI's swag incorporated in there... They all sound like the African version of Weezy. Itz not just word play but the voice too =)

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!

Limited Edition

I agree with Ovie. The guy is CRUNK, finito! Leave comparisons aside jare.


'Ice Ice Prince instant classic'
M.I? Lil' Wayne? He doesn't sound like any of
Dis song sounds like a junk mixtape. D beat, lyrics? Of all things to put on the web as ur stepup. Am sure dis dude could do better. Messed up..


Yeah, I was using mozilla firefox cuz of the virus thingy...dats y I cudn't c d play icon. Thanks.


its allowed... they're all friends, and friends influence each other.. i'm sure Jesse Jags evn produced this, n was d 1 singin "la la la la la..." at d end and probably d chorus. but that aside, i dont think they sound alike.

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