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December 24, 2008


Elenu Nla

going strong? I'mma pull a bsb and keep quiet on this one.


Wasting too much time thinking hence making d freestyle sound like crap. SMH


Bsb! am sorry, u dont know shit about rap! go and learn ur ABC before u criticise,man.. give the babe a breather she tried..freestyling aint easy..try and follow d tot pattern, she killed da freestyle..even ur celebrated Modenine, ruggedman, sasha cant freestyle shit..go and watch jimmy's jumpoff

Mola OG

Freestyling is not easy... Especially coming fresh of the dome... Not everyone can freestyle, even Nas is a wack freestyler... Ezzie is good, I respect her skill and her initiative... Keep bringing these videos, with your crazy self.

Elenu Nla

@Mola: Freestyling is not easy and should always come fresh off the dome, that is why EVERYONE does not/can not do it.

@Mola and Tmoney: All the people you mention, well most of them, are not dope freestylers but they make crazy music.

Ezzie has not done any killer free sessions, neither has she come across as an artist who has an idea how to deliver good music apart from her nice metaphorical skills (I have to give that to her).

Until then, I have nothing good to say but good luck and keep trying. you can only get beetter - i hope.

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