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December 31, 2008



Don't he sound like Wande Coal. Anh anh, badly. Dis chuddy guy is a suspect


forgot to add a 'lol' to d end of my sentence.
Yeah, tomorrow is my Birthday....Hola at ur gurl!!!


this is wandecoal copy mahn! lol! d flow of the song sounds like wande's ololufe! na confirm copy! lol!

BSB. Happy bday oh! u wer born on newyears day? lol!


i only heard the intro and i cut it off....ahhh ahhhh...whicc kind photocopy be diss...certified duplicator.....e roora now...easy with that fake ass wande mehn...naija dont AND I MEAN "DONT" STRONGLY....GBAM.....

P.S. find ur own swagg...leave wande's job alone...naija and photocopy sha...a rule needs to be record should sound alike if so BANNED IT FROM RADIO....


photocopy co easy o, chuddy k u can be like wande cole homie


Yeah i was born on new years day!!! So excited!!!


no comment untill he drops another one. this is proly ololufe remix. but welldone my brother, it's not easy to have such a voice. buy try to be you, and only you tho... then people go appreciate your work more.


Mola, New Year don nearly reach now. You suppose drop major hits so we go fit rock into '09.


(Before you ask, na "economic situation" catch up with me, but I'm back on my feet. "2009, my year of supernatural wonder!" LOL)

Ms Ifeanyinwa

Happy New year to everybody. Peace be on to Mola, how can you say this guy is better than Wande Cole. That is suspect oh...i hope all is well in Notjustok land. He sounds like he's straining and there's no originality. God, when will naija stop their one size fits all approach to everything. A debut album is a thing of beauty, a chance for an artist to bring their musical perspective to the world. Fresh and unheard. Not clones. We don't want clones oh...Durella/DBanj, Timaya/Keeno
Please oh....this is a new year.

Ovie O

Lol. why am I not surprised?!? I expected a backlash, and it promptly came.
@ basically everyone, u're not far from the truth. There are similarities, but I think Chuddy K will cut out his own identity with a couple more songs. I'll put one or 2 more songs from him in due course.
@ sunski, thanks 4 stopping by. We hope 2 get more thoughts/comments from u.
@ Oluseyi, no worry, the economy go improve. My Pastor here in Dallas, Bishop T.D. Jakes says God is repositioning the economy to lift it unto a whole new platform. Good 2 have u back, bro! E go better. lol.
@ Ms. Ifeanyinwa, first off, this isn't Mola's opinion/post oh! Its strictly Ovie's. Mola is yet to add his voice to the "clone allegation." Besides, I said Wande hasn't "dropped a ballad this good", considering his new singles thus far. Believe me, I fully expected this backlash. lol. U guys are true fans!

PS: To everyone, let's be honest, if Mr. Coal sang this song (exactly the same way), would you be jumping off your seats or not?? I'm sure he would have automatically been heads and shoulders above 2face. Or even R. Kelly. I trust us Nigerians.

Bla Bla

Chuddy K is good. Na very heavy jam be dis. If care is not taken, Wande Coal will be dethroned even before he ascends the throne.


@Ovie O: thanks, bro. Things already looked up - I got an offer on December 30th (which I've accepted). More blessing in '09!

(I tried to read one of your pastor's books, but the dude writes for confused women. E no easy o.)

Back to the song, you know me: Wande Coal fit sing am - in fact, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Beyonce and R.Kelly fit feature on top am, I go still call am opata!

Mola OG

@ Oluseyi welcome back bro. Omo thank God you are back on track, God is good.

Chuddy K is good, but I still have to say Wande stand well well... Chuddy has a good voice and this song is actually very good, but Wande has been consistent for the longest. Chuddy aint got nothing on Wande for now at least...
We need to hear more bangers like this from him.
@Ovie "if Mr. Coal sang this song (exactly the same way), would you be jumping off your seats or not?? "
good question... I think so... Wande may have done a better job

Elenu  Nla

chuddy k aka wande coal singing "im sprunggg by tpain...aka slow slow"

go chuddy k!

Lagos Mama

@ Ms Ifeanyinwa

I have Keeno's album and he is very different from Timaya. He is better. You need to hear the album before you compare.


leave chuddy alone and let him sing wit the voice GOD gave him.if chuddy k had came out before wande u would say wande c is a copy cat. please dont judge some1 before u get 2 know some1.

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Menn... i'm in luv wit dis song but dont knw how to download it. sombody please help me ooo...

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