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November 25, 2008


SiSi Blu

Why did he have to use the remix...ahhhhhhh!!


Why... 9ice why now....
makes me not even wanna see Gongo Aso video cos i might just hate the song....


i think he do better..the vid is manageable


this video dull the song heavily.

SiSi Blu


Mola OG

I agree, he should have used the original... that is part of the reason people are not feeling d video as well... I wonder y he chose the remix for d video... the original sounds better that this version IMO...well let's pray that the Gongo Aso video will be good... or at least way better than this one.

Mrs. M.I(lol!)

mschewwww.... o jebi to fi se video naa... i never really liked d song anyways... but y is he just makin d video now?? he shldnt evn bother with gongo-aso. i'll just vex, lol.

p.s: clarence peters shld do sth bout his videos. they all look alike. n to think i used 2 think he was d best in nigeria.


Ok i totally agree as well. He should have stuck to the original song for the video and that video was not it at all......My goodness he needs great minds to work on his video. I am not giving up because i believe Gongo Aso would be better. I hope he gets to see all these reviews in order to correct his mistakes........


Okay pple, "Sources" say he already has videos 4 ALL his major hits (including Gongo Aso). But, just like D'Banj, he's trying 2 maximize profits while stifling the effects of Alaba and Onitsha bootlegging.

Just like everyone else, I do hope the Gongo Aso video comes out better than Street Cred and this disappointment on top of my screen. Puffy T, d beatmaker, is reportedly the Video Director. #1mil per shoot no be small money at all.


This video's been out for a little while, though. I saw it about a month ago.


The video is alright...i guess much better than i thought a 9ice video would be lol. I wish he would have used the album version instead of this "remix", the album version is sooo much better! He also looked like he didnt know what he was doing half the time...maybe dancing is not his strong suit?? hmm

SiSi Blu

@ Sarah....His is a newlywed now..He is thinking of his wife and unborn child at home..Heehehe!


this video na thrash o, waste of money, 9ice i bought ur cd, u should have released the original version. PS, stop dancing, u suck at it


lmao... @ da video!

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