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November 01, 2008


deji d

now this right here is the ish

Mola OG

I'm tellin u

SiSi Blu

Az innnnn!!! This is a song mehn!! Killz iz killin it!

SiSi Blu

Say Hello to Jimmy Chooz, forget your CORTINA!!

hahaha! those Cortina school shoes!!

nice one~!


Killz is DAT PIFF! Seriously, the dude is relentlessly Nigerian - he doesn't like abbreviating Naija names (don't call him "I.K."; he upbraided a mutual friend for going by "Oluchi" instead of "Oluchukwu"), he reps where he's from, he understands the game and the business, he has legit flow, and he balances the underground with the commercial.

Oh, and he's a really cool dude to hange with, too.

I fucks with Killz. All in.


Well, I honestly don't mean 2 burst y'allz bubblez but this song isn't as "authentic" as u make it seem. Those who follow African music beyond the Nigerian realm would know the South African artiste called "Freshly Ground," (if it helps, they made the hit "Potbelly"). They actually have a song with d exact chorus "shobedobedoo bee doo daa eee!" ...and it was actually a huge hit.

Hope this takes nothing off ur perception of the song tho. I still like this version.

SiSi Blu

Ovie...No..I know the song you're talking about and it's called "Doo bee Do" not shobedobedobedoo.. big difference! you feelz me?

Mola OG

@Oluseyi LOL @ "Oluchi" instead of "Oluchukwu".. y in d hell will a dude call himself Oluchi... Yep Killz is a sharp and kool kat...

@Ovie I just listened to the song you were referring to. It sounds nothing like this song and BTW 'Shobedoobedoo' is a popular thing that people hum every now and then...Killz made into a cool song... thanks for the info on that group, I had never heard of them. They are pretty good

@Sisi Blu I feelz u babes


I feelz u Sisi Blu! Correction noted, Mola. I just hadn't listened 2 that song in a while. Killz' authenticity status on d song stays intact...

Sisi Blu, i still got u on that stuff. Prolly b4 d end of d day...


@Mola OG: Well, Oluchi is a chick. But the point is Killz's personal philosophy is "call ya FULL NAME."


i think i've found Oluseyi's bias... mo-hits/storm... well we've all got our different opinions, but i dunno, i'm not such a huge fan of ikechukwu... its like d guy has attache spirit in him, lol... 1st it was dare, then suddenly we started seein him evrywhere with mo hits n naeto c... yeah i kno they were workin together but his own was too much, lol... plus, wats with d fonee... dat doesnt sound much like reppin where u'r from to me, d guy sha wants us 2 kno he has been to yankee... n i still dont get d point of dat harlem baby song... i dont think he's much of a rapper, he shld just stick to his original style dat he used in "ikechukwu"... lol see me blabbin... but yeah u get d point. i dont like him very much.


No comment on the video. Nice chorus. Does it mean hes into singing, no longer rapping?

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