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November 02, 2008



My major criticism of Sauce is that he seems to have decided to model his sound and style on 50 Cent. I went to the bat for the Nigerian when someone was trying to hate on his Samboribobo video as "copying American behaviors like girls shaking their booties" (abeg, wetin dey SSP video? no be yansh?), but I need to see something different from this half-Remy, half-Fiddy beat.

Oh, and the hook ("I Can't Feel My Face") is off a Weezy/Juelz mixtape - and an old one at that - furthering the derivative argument.

E for Effort.

Otunba Balogun

Hey Notjustok, i thank U for your cont'd support of the Artist Sauce kid. i have been following this site for weeks now and it seems to be headed in a positive direction. big ups to u guys. and look out for Sauce kid's album "African American"

it features 9ice, banky w, iceberg slim, B-verse and many more

there has been no date set for the album release but it is certain to drop this year

Otunba Balogun

check out the exclusive trak, sauce kid featuring banky w. exclusive listens at:


Sauce Kid and Banky? Now this is one link Oluseyi won't be clicking on....

Mola OG

@Oluseyi you u are on point when u say "half-Remy, half-Fiddy beat" ..its too @ E for Effort

@Otunba good lookin on d tracks and d link. Tell Sauce Kid that the 'Hello' track on d 2nd youtube video seems like it will be the HIT single for Xmas... also thanx for stopping by the blog.

@Ovie, Oluseyi is feelin Banky now, see his comment here

He is becoming a believer


@Mola OG, I just gave the Nigerian an opening - it's still up to him to close the deal. His guest spot on that Oluwasaucekiba joint was perfunctory, but I'm not going to hold that against him. I'ma hold that against Sauce.

Seriously, is this dude on a late-90s, early-2000s "how to craft a rap career" miscue? "Here's my club banger, here's my freakin' in the bed song, here's my sensitive for the bitches joint..."

I didn't like Yebariba. I don't like I Can't Feel My Face. I didn't like whatever that Banky W guest spot is called. And that "Hello"... thing is just a chant over a Cassie beat that eLDee and oLaDELe already jacked ("Professional").

Sauce needs to embrace his Naija all out, because the kid is crazy - "Increase the tap to the loudest"?! Spit that on a hook with some fire lyrics on a dope beat and you'll reshape hip hop. True talk. The hottest sound in American hip hop right now is... M.I.A. On some Tamil shit. The door's open for something DIFFERENT.

Otunba Balogun

oluseyi. ur criticisms of sauce kid arerather personal. but u stand to be surprised. Mola OG appreciate the comments and ill visit the site more often.
Sauce kid is a very talented artist and i stand by his product as i am his representative.

thanks, Notjustok,

SiSi Blu

Sauce Kid said sosick at the it the same sosick that featured on the TFizzle- Number 1 song?


iono mehn i'm just not feelin sauce nemore... i think its about time some1 told him d truth.


The Sossick on this song is the guy that makes most of the beats 4 MOBB Ent. The mobb artistes include Gino, Isolate and a few others...


@Otunba Balogun, how on earth are my criticisms *personal*? I'm critiquing the sequence of songs he's released and evaluating it in light of tired, cynical marketing strategies popular a few years ago in American hip hop (and faltering completely today). That's market-based analysis.

Do I include the fact that his songs haven't resonated with me? Sure. Is that equivalent to my saying "that Sauce is a stupid boy"? Nope. So it's not *PERSONAL*, it's professional.


Mrs. M.I(lol!)

kriticque i cant help but agree wiv u... n oluseyi i dey hail o!... lol

otunba balogun

no problem sir. i have not any troubles with you. check out the album if u can. im sure, u'd find something that suits u.
as far as ur criticism, dont under estimate creativity, u stand to be surprised.
thats enough for now.
we have a first african american president, hows that for a marketing strategy. eh?
african american is coming soon
expect greatness


this oluseyi guy that's just criticizing everyone... who do you listen to or like??? if these are not your kind of entertainers pls leave them alone! if you don't have nothing nice to say PLEASE don't say nothing at all.
I like Saucekid... the only thing i see in his music is that he tends to follow the ganster & hardcore image.... but maybe thats just who he is.

oladigun moyo

sauce kid baba nothing does you at all, u have proved to me say i must get your album, nobody, i cant feeel my face, she say she sya, diamonds. wow. some people albums dont have as m many hits and you never finish. omo. forget awon haters. you are the chosen one to rep naija rap music


i like this single but i feel like there should be more to this song. its very catchy no doubt but its too similar to the yebariba. i also liked yebariba. the song with banky is one in a million.

@ Mola can you please post diamonds by sauce kid. its on his myspace.

oladigun moyo

can you please post diamonds mola

Otunba Balogun

Diamonds is a single off the African American Album produced by Code Red entertainment. you can listen to it on
its naija baby.


Oluwasaucekidbaba..Ders just sum'n thing bout this guy.Is it d voice, the swagga, d fact dat almost or all his songs from his previous album d'int hav original beats?.he got it goin mehn...I can't feel my face-a new term I be usin...very nice...Don't know wat yebariba means but am sure samboribo means sum' funny-listen to dat 'eelo' song (d one dats got d cassie long way 2go beat)....sample d(...)'t dey sound alike...think about it......I can't feel my face...wait, does it mean his face is too fresh or wat?..


is Otumba Balogun d guy sauce kid is always talkin about?


Otunba sorry
....I just read Oluwaseyi's comment...mehn u must really beef d guy...I get wat u sayin doh but u gots ta let it go, av been der critisizn dem 'unprofessional' guys dat cal'emselves hiphop but wat can we do but appreciate wat we have...gudluck to saucekid n watevr he up to...I still think Sauce kid sexy doh (am female)

oladigun moyo

sauce kid got a lot of female fans i see. you check on his fb and there's always some girl propping him. sha no turn to tuface sha

kelechi igwe

icant feel my face. confirmed swagga. i dey feel you die omo oro

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