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November 07, 2008


Adeola anibaba

Sauce Kid doing it big!!
Its Naija!!


this track is on another level. yall killed it and its ma new fav jam !!!!!!!!!!

tayo animashaun

saucekibaba. oluwasaucekid. swaggalola. sauce kid. u are on fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. let no man disturb your progress. i stand behind you because you stand behind your product. many may say that you are this and that, but what they cannot say is that you are wack.
this is HOT sturvs


really tight....LOLLY is the best no doubt.


SAUCEKID is the way foward naija babes you need to feel this joint with BANKY so sick nice one thanks for sending me the post Bis...

Ese Janta

well sauce kid baba na u n d real deal i mean u got d swagger n bcos of u now i cant feel my face so keep doin wot u goin ok nuff love bro xoxo

Mary Hard Candy Ebele

Looking foward to hearing it. I think Sauce Kid is good. H.C.

Tony Loracher

Sauce is good...hes already blasting in Benin City like mad,hear it off the radio. Benin people is waiting badly for a concert anytime soon...One love bro.


Hmm! Sauce is gettin quite alota love on here (albeit by new readers). Not jumping off my feet tho... but it has that feelgood factor. Lots of Lil Wayne influence on d song.

( least, its not a Remy Ma beat).

Otunba Balogun

I appreciate all the love, comments and critiques. be rest assured that Sauce kid has put together a package that hes proud of. African American is a masterpiece. i am Otunba, and I stand Behind my word.

The album wll be released on hard copy and later it will be available online (snocap and itunes, reverbnation ) to name a few.

I truly appreciate all that have stuck around and waited for this album.
you wont be dissapointed

Thanks again to , you have rekindled the flame.

(Sauce kid PR nigeria)



Ovie i noticed too... lil wayne... i really cant hear much of wat hes sayin, but i like it! lol


U 2 work well together,jus goes to show how the 2 of u r very versitile, i think sauce kids works well with any 1 anyway..liking the tune..


this is the real masterpiece,its blazzin hot,off d hook really wasnt expectin anitin lesser.u r a pro bro.keep tha fire blazin!

SiSi Blu

@Kriticque Ovie: Me sef I noticed o! Me sef I no fit hear most of wetin him dey talk..I like it teww!! Go Sauce-Kid, its NAIJA!!

Miss Bunny

This song in its entirety has been my fav song ever since I heard it months ago.Much love to Sauce.Keep it coming cause we feeling you to da fullest.


i need yll rock with me now..nobody can do like me, cuz i do for sauce kid..its


some sick ish init.....sauce kid aka swaggalola, its me too, oluwasaucekid baba, home boy is the future, the rest of this is past ! iyalaya ! seriki.NYC jasi


omg!!! he soo cute
i love sauce n bankie is ma rnb king
lol. serzzz this is some gud as shit** he sounds like weezy alot n i think dat needs 2 be a lil less visible feels like am jaming 2 t-pain n weezy. I LOVE D SONG I AM JUST SAYING UNO KEEPIN IT REAL N SHI* i love em boiz


Very Promising! He needs to clear his vocals because I cant say I really dig this track! But I loved Diamonds now that was a good track. Good Luck Bro!

Its me 3... lol!


Nice song. Its a song two lovers can make babies with. lol. Its a shame he sort of disappeeared since Yebariba but im glad hes not left yet.

BTW, can naija artistes pls take am sofri-sofri with the vocoder pls.


ooohhhhhh my this is really interesting Lolll maybe i am just old fashioned or maybe i have to listen to the song more than once to feel what you all are feeling.........I like the beat, Banky W did a good job but the sauce kid was aight, but as he needed to keep up with the beat and also i needed to hear what he was saying.........Not bad but could be better..........

Mola OG

Wow!!!! I am shocked at the raving comments for this song by Sauce Kid...(the most comments on any single post on the blog thus far)
The song is LIVE! but the comments have made me even like the song more...
Social Proof got me on this song, I see now why the radio is very effective..

In addition, the only element that can cause a comparison between Sauce and Wezzie on this track is the vocoder. Sauces flow sounds nothing like Wezzie and the beat is quite original... He may want to increase the voice level on the song so that we dont have to increase it all the way to hear his actual lyrics.... Im sure it will be addressed after the song is mastered...

Great Job Sauce Kid!!!


there are lotsa people commentin cuz sauce himself advertised ur blog on his fb status... d guy was just soliciting praise jo, d song is just there... mscheww

Mola OG

believe me if people were not feelin the track, they would not comment...
That promotion only shows that he is a sharp guy, marketing his product and making the people respond to his work... He definitely has real fans..

Rebel thanx for stoppin by the blog brah

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