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November 05, 2008



yayyy! GOBAMA!!! lol


yes we can


Yes We DID.

SiSi Blu

Omo, It was crazy last night.. I haven't screamed like that since naija won a soccer match somewhere!! See all the black people screaming and crying and shouting..THEY WERE EVEN LAU LAU SPENDING..haha! ($1, $1 Lau Lau sha)

Mrs. M.I(lol!)

The White House is now the Black house... lol... lol @ SiSiBlu n d $1 lau lau spending! i feel u jere... but serzly, i'm amazed... wen obama won whites went crazy... it was so cute! n it made me realise d real racists in america r d blacks... newaes, its funny sha... c nigerians screamin all over facebook... wen yar'adua won no one shouted o, lol... me i'm sad sha, i wanted sarah palin 2 b president... go mccain! LOL

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