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November 22, 2008



good look for naija. looked like fun times. can you pls upload videos. thanx

the Chiaman

bro, ur a hardworker, keep it up! really admire ur work ethic.


Hmmm....I think Sasha deserved an award too. She's way underrated IMO. I read the award wasn't all that.


who d heck is come Asa didnt pick up an award?????????


This absoluyely disgraceful... so Storm kissed ass and Neato won an award... and kissed it so much more that the MAMA gave Wind am well an award got an award. Does IIkechuku have an album?

This a big shame


thanks! you are always on top of your game!

SiSi Blu

I smell some hateration above me...Storm deserves everything they got. They worked hard for it.

Mola OG

@naija_representer I will as soon as it surfaces

@the chairman, thanx for stoppin by the blog... I just checked ur blog out too, it has good content

@Wienna Sasha was in a tough category. I actually thought Asa would win

@baby that is the exact question I asked myself, when I found out

@Shola they did not kiss ass, their fans got them there...all the winners were voted for by the most amount of people in their given category.
Ikechukwu won for best Video...
I believe that all the winners have been grinding and sweating for years and they are being rewarded for their hard work... thanx for stoppin by the blog

@Bella u r welcome... thanx for stoppin by the blog...

@Sisi Blu I concur...


Sometimes, I wonder wut criteria are used 4 dishing out Awards to African artists. Is it record sales? Air play? Viewers/listeners votes?! Wuteva it is (trust me, i'm not hating), it must be flawed. Obi (Storm Records CEO) must be climbin up real fast in terms of influence. I can't help but agree with SHOLA.
How can Wahu beat Asa, a lady who was Numero Un on French charts (beating off the likes of Nelly Furtado) 4 a couple of weeks.
How do u explain Naeto C and Ikechukwu playing fetch with the Channel O and MTV AMAs?
For credibility's sake, lets stick to the Kora, WMAs and MOBO to see who really runs Africa ...unless these organisations come out with known standards just like the AMPAS have done with the Oscars, or Grammy's own NARAS. Until then, these awards would remain oblivious to the rest of the world.


@Mola, I read ur post after I dropped mine. In any case, if the winners are determined solely by online votes, then that creates a massive room 4 errors (multiple voting, naija boy rigging, internet accessibility in lesser countries, only 3 of many). How many internationally known awards are determined by internet voters?! Lemme see... the People's Choice Award (at the VMAs and EMAs), which happens to be just one category... or the Teen Choice Award for viewers btw ages 10-20. That speaks volumes! A body of Arts has to be created strictly to determine winners in the big categories, as well as vetoing some of the online polls in the smaller categories. That's how its done, my broda!


seems like Nigeria stole d show... n then s.a.. cant say i'm impressed.

Boondock St.

Im so disappointed Asa did not win again...wat is all this nonsense now, they need to set standards on how some of these awards are getting dished out, something just aint voting just isn't enuff...


you can't rule out the fact that these awards are distributed on a man-know-man basis. You have to agree that 'wind am well' did not even deserve to be in the music video category in the frst place, talk less of winning. such a shame!


No doubt, P Square is the most popular Nigerian act, outside the shores of Nigeria they receive the largest audience, their record sales more and they are complete-great creativity, choreography, stunning videos. One wonders why it dosent translate to awards. I think some artistes mobilize a lot of voters and they win even if they do not deserve it, or should I say, its a matter of connections? P Square should have picked the Artiste of the year and Best live performance too. D banj is a great artiste but as of 2008, he had little to show. Even his Entertainer album came out late, the song played in the nominations ”close to you” was even done by Mo Hits group and not D banj. The S/African group Jovi are good, but to me they are miles away from the twins, or could it be because their music is more afrocentric? Maybe ”Do Me” would have gotten the best video but ”wind am well ” is tech and deserves it as compared to the versatile and interesting ”Roll it” which had problems in the digital resolution.I see P Square going places, they should not be detered, they may as well try some politicking like some others, but what matters most is stepping up their game.


4 d best video, psquare's Roll it wuz meant 2 win. wine am well iz notbeta dan roll it. even Do Me should win it. wine iz not really up to the standards of Roll it and Do Me.

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