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November 28, 2008



Omo! See how dis Ibo Boy just resemble Idi Amin...

Good stuff tho... U Go Wound Remix with Pype was madd!


Idi bliss, my number 1 after mode and M.I..This iz sum bad ass sh1t...We hiphop fans wud be jammn 2dis for sure...nice lyrics, nice beats, keep on luvn u errday Illbliss...Keep it up..Keep on reppin for all TRUE hiphop fans...


Mola, I am listening to a Nigerian artist Tayo Tey tey. The song is 'Over you' and features KomoBlastic.

Given our conversations about female Nigerian performers, I'd like to recommend you hear her. I have to say i cannot find the song online but am listening to it on Nigerian web radio. Any ideas on how to find the artist and hear more?

Interesting track and pretty good hook. Enjoy your weekend!

Mola OG

I will see if I can find the track on or offline... thanx for d info SSD... check the new notjustok Hype - Adol and let me know what you think


I get quoted now? Dope! LOL.


Now that I've listened to the song, I have to point out that while the rappers sound lyrically competent, their delivery falters. If people are confused about what you're saying because of your inflection, accent or stresses, you might as well not say anything. I mean, I'm a Nigerian, and I can't hear half of what these dudes are saying.

There's a caveat, of course, in that you can say garbage or be incomprehensible, but so long as your delivery has a sing-song aspect to it that is itself entertaining, people will mumble along. (This was taking to its absurdist extreme on El Chombo's "Macarron Chacarron," where the melodic pattern recorded as a placeholder for later lyrics was eventually released as is - and people dig it:

And then the beat... I know I said hard beats are boring, but so are "bitch" beats! This sounds like one of those beats that "conscious" rappers like to create, then they wonder why nobody's listening. Basically, there's far too little bass, and virtually no "bump" - the beat doesn't move you. And the voice on the hook is annoying. The overall effect is like a weak Alliance Ethnik imitation.

This song is a compendium of good ideas marred by execution. Keep at it, though; it's almost there.

Jide Ogunleye

all thia one na long story jo. go and listen to olu maintain with banky w and el dee. The biggest boys.

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