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November 26, 2008


Mrs. M.I(lol!)

yeah they are... stupid that is. its not even funny sef.


This is the best thing ever! seriously thanx for makin my day, i don laugh tire, it'll be on replay on my pc steady..... hehehehehehhehhehe


Mola... As the curator of this site, your responsibility is to introduce us to material of interest - to exercise your taste and connections to point out the new, unearth the underexposed, and give love to the worthy.

This is SO beneath you :(

Mola OG

lol!! Oluseyi I found it amusing and silly at the same time.
However, it appears that it had the opposite effect on you... we need just a pinch of silliness every 6 months or so...


lol....the fire bit was scary though. That was stupid, could have gone wrong.


Amusing and silly... i concur. Not on d same level as other naija spoofs tho (eg Crank dat naija boy). But, like u said, the "once in 6 months" rule should stand.

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