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November 03, 2008



TX in da building!!! Now that's the H-Town swag. That's that ish right there. Rukus Killed it. "... and I got the French Open kinda like Nadaaaaal. Every competitor gets served like Federer..." His wordplay is murderous! Mr. Olowo-okere and Proto did good too.

PS: How many "Big Boy" songs are there? What's next... a Reggeaton version? lol.

Mola OG

lol @ Reggeation version. I dunno o, but I know for a fact that the album is Fiya!


Next up, fuji remix ft. Dare Art Alade. I called it first!

Mrs. M.I(lol!)

na wa o... how many versions of just 1 song?? is d song dat sweet? lol

Boondock St.

Eldee is married ooo....we need info and pics ooo...I trust u can get that kinda info as per entertainment insider...

Mola OG

Na I dont have those pics.. even if I did, I am not sure that I would post them. Will stick to only music related content...


I think im feeling d Olu maintain version. Dat dudes got swagger. lol@oti je dodo yo. Pls Banky W, will you be my baby daddy?


Nice track... i give it to rukus & proto, they killed it


omo. i like this song, its got a good feel to it but i think the artists on it are not the right artists on it. iceberg slim i like proto i have never heard rukus i have never heard of and eldee lacks respect in the industry. this song falls on deaf ears and its getting lil airplay, i have called in to request on titos show with ibk on raypower and they played champion coz they didnt have this song. i have not even heard of eldee lately so its not a good look for such a good song. maybe with a ifferrent line up it wil make sense. eg proto rukus and iceberg slim are not big boys. eveneldee is not a big boy. this trac deserved tufce, dbanj, pqsquare. maybe eldee shld consider selling the rights of this song to those artists, he'll make more money there.


This is cool....nice work.

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