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November 11, 2008



beautiful piece.. cant wait to get a copy.


Is it me or did he avoid the dbanj comparison question?


Enemies! Ku da nu!! love this dude!


He lived in my area (Mushin) since he was a kid and sure his music wasnt dis style....besides hes very good friends with dbanj, so yea maybe he stole dbanjs swagg a lil...


Infact he stole it all... was there when he jumped over the gate and carried the bag of stolen style on his back and ran to tc records with it... abeg when we go shoot am????


You know what? Ive decided I dont care if he jacked Dbanjs style. I want to know if he can deliver. May the best man win, and all that jazz.



Are we here to compare this guy and dbanj or what? All yall haters hating on this guy dont know s@#t. Listen to the album if you want to listen and Love if you want to love. Aint no haters wanted around here im sure all your mamas can rhyme beta than you can. PEACE

NB: Durellas album is da bomb. Big Ups to Durella and Big Ups to TC Records


Besides his album listening party was awesome.


Yes ooh, saw a clip yester.. thight!

zanga queen

lol...wu eva said durella stole dbanjs style to u sayin u've known him since he was a kid..u must be a grand mother den and i wonder wat u're doin alive...?
and waheva..he nerr stole dbanjs style..we are unique in different ways just like 9ice and isolate and better know dbanj and durella are close friends and they share things in common..durella is the king and he never avoided dbanj's question..if he had mentioned dbanj den obviously sum people wud have twisted the whole thing up so shush....and yea..he's bangin hott get it!!!

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