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November 04, 2008



Hmmm....that picture makes me suspect him sha. He looks a bit gay. No disrespect to anybody o abeg.

Mola OG

he looks moist in the pic, but his delivery on the song and the content paint a different picture... I dunno. can't call it


you might want to peep this.
similar song
Justine - Omo 2 Sexy

I also found her Website:


@wienna: you no see the picture? The guy talk say "shhh! nobody has to know!"

@Mola OG: how many years did George Michael spend ostensibly singing about girls, even after he was all the way out of the closet? Yeah... delivery and content are not reliable indicators.

As for the song in question (after I don question the guy orientation finish, abi? no mind me; i be elejo wewe), meh.


I ve never seen a song like this very unique. It rocks in every club in lagos, even in Ogun state the song goes crazy. Every time its played in club pple scream u cant wait to dance .where is the guy i wanna see him perform live


im not sure i like it...

@sdotgang: the songs rnt similar, this particular one was cut off from a djs mix, n its very possible that this collabo song was d precedin song. if u notice, dbanjs maje was d nxt song about to be played.

Ms D

cld u post the download link again.....can't download it


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