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November 17, 2008



aww nice song! its a shame i dont understand yoruba but it sounds like a massive wedding track regardless. good job guys


@ amaka: Lol.. poor you!
But this song is very interesting considering that its coming from Amplifyd! I am impressed! Im still a fan of Wetin Man go do thats still their hottest joint to my opinion!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


yaaay!!! go amplifyd! u can take me for breakfast in toronto, and dinner in bombay lmao


Cant say I care for it, sitting here in my living room drinking gari (with coooooold water and epa!), but maybe if I was dancing at a wedding reception after some jollof rice, dodo and moinmoin - maybe then Id dig it.

I prefer Disco Peperempe


are this guyz rapperez or what? make them stay 1 place jo


lol...lalaboi wetin be ur own! muzik na muzik na....

but yeah i agree with seun..its a very nice song dont get me wrong, as per album track, but ill take disco peperempe over this joint though


Na wa for this title o. Are naija artistes running out of song titles too now? I kinda like the song sha. It sort of has that high-life vibe to it or maybe its just my ears playing tricks on me.


nice song...different but very nice...kinda shows their versitility though..impressive.

i want the tune, any idea if it has ring tones avaialble?


Smooth, and well collected thoughts, bringing back the old Naija beats..... Me like very much..AAAAMMMPLIFIED STYLE


Its been a minute for these guys, but they are coming up.
They are like the black eyed peas of Naija thats why their music is a mixture of pretty much anything
How come i dont see Titi in the picture? I believe they are 4 of them


yup... its mos def a weddin song! i like it tho... download link please!


Love this song and i've been looking for it like crazy!!! Where can i buy or download please?

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