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November 29, 2008


SiSi Blu

Oh my golsh!! have a new STAN


Adol, u had me at "oohhh yeah yeah yeahhh!"

God help him oooohhhh!!! He's TOO GOOD to still be without a label. Mr. 2face and his Hypertek Records have got to step-up and sign its 1st real artist.


Well....I think d song is cool...not my style music. I didn't even reach 40secs n den I turned it off...Dude's voice is a'aight...I think he's got sum'n goin...I wish hm well.
Please, do you know where I can get Mozambique by Walter- I think he's one'f em PHCity guys....Biggy on 937 is d only one I've heard playin it...thanks

Mola OG

@bsb thanx for stoppin by the blog. I will look out for Mozambique by Walter song and get back to you once I get it. I get one PH connect, may be he can deliver.


Very, very, extremely nice. He looks a bit skinny sha. Lots of Pounded yam interchanged with McDonald's Big Mac will do the trick.


Thanks Mola...u could also try Abuja too.

Limited Edition

Lmao @ "Pounded yam interchanged with Big Mac". He dey try. Wande Coal had better watch out!


Dude has a really nice voice. Song's alright, though I'm nowhere near Mola's level of Standom on this :)

Take the same song, rearrange it, and use live instruments and you probably have an international hit (except for the US, because US consumers are largely insular). Looking to hear more from this dude.



The production was good, the vocals are great. The lyrics are very deep.

I think the guy could become a major international artist with the right backing, a clear strategy and of course loads of blessings and luck.

Thanks for putting us on to this star in the making. Loves it.

I wish him the best of luck and will definitely keep an eye and ear open for him.


Mola, u already know. He's a real gem. The talent is evident. What's left is that little bit of luck. With God, he can be as big as he wants 2 be.

Verdict: Borderline Perfection!


i like ur style very cool


i was in a mood when i played this song and must say it has completely transformed my situation as an ice breaker and i terrible dig the song and he has what it takes to make it in the business..... thanks adol.


i love this song. i think adol is awesome n dont care what u other haters think. i know he will blow up. he is wonderful


wat elze can i say, where are the kennis of thiz world?record lebel should be begging him now.rite now, am addicted to thiz lovely track.thiz guy iz farrrrrr better dan most over hyped artists in 9ja[with the exception of 9ice, tufaze and dbanj].any way ur time will come.


can i burn thiz lovely track?am hooooked.if yes how? regards

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