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October 16, 2008



uh... mola... its not showing...

Mola OG

@shadylilmiss I just fixed it. thanx for pointing that out


LOL... funneee! where was this?

SiSi Blu

That recorder is MIGHTY EXCITED!! hahaha!!

awon haters:

SiSi Blu

omo, the haters plenty small

Mola OG

@ Sisi Blu, I knew it was coming... they had to say something about the content of the song as opposed to the context of event... The media thrives on spreading the negative; that is the only way they can stay in business


I have been looking for this video for today's post. I can always count on you. Thanks o jare!

Business Answering Service

He's right, that is the only way they can stay in the business, sometimes the media is too much.

Ben Cliff

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