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October 27, 2008



Question: why do artists always claim that it's "humbling" to be nominated for awards? Say what you want about him, one thing I always liked about Kanye's arrogance was that it was honest. If I were (still :P) rapping and I got nominated, I sure as hell would feel I deserved it. And I'd tell you so!

This interviewer needs some better questions.

Killz gives the best interviews of all the Naija artists I'm seeing right now, true talk (c.f. M-Trill and Okoye Bros).

Mola OG

lo1! u'd be honest and not modest abi.. I feel u...
Yeh Killz knows how to articulate himself. I'm definetely waiting on that Life and Times album to drop.


I just like hos Naeto C wears native clothes and he still looks good smart and like an hausa boy, while doing so.

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