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October 25, 2008



Like u said, d song's aight. His album's been out 4 ages now, but his personality isn't helping. Arinze na one cocky bastard; B4 he started fronting Akon, he was d biggest facebook pest. Now, he don dey do like say na him be Democratic candidate 4 election.

He "claims" being Konvict but Akon isn't endorsing him at all; a bit similar to the Faze/Akon issue. He hasn't even been given the one thing Akon gives all his artists: the Konvict chain. If he beats down his pride (and works hard), he might do well. But then again, he needs 2 define wut market he's putting his stuff out 4. One thing's certain. If na yankee market... God help him.

SiSi Blu

This song is just there!! Wetin consyn me consyn Paris Hilton!


Who the hell is this song for?! Naija? If so, why namecheck Paris Hilton, Akon and T-Pain? If not, why sing in pidgin?

This Nigerian is confuzzled. That "Flex" joint was okay, but this is urinal cakes (sorry, stupid joke at work).

Mola OG

@Ovie lol @ Cocky Bastard. He definitely needs to define what market he wants to attract, this song was written from a confused state or he was just trying to floss that he knows all people he mentioned on the hook, which Nigerians don't care about

@Sis Blu lol@ wettin consyn me wiht Paris Hilton. I was asking myself the same exact question. I actually think that Riz does not know what the naija music consumer wants to hear in a song. He thinks we are still in the days of Blacky, he needs to take a trip to gidi and see what they want

@Oluseyi Gba o! bobo yi wa confused. I hope he 'Gets it' before it is too late.


LOL! eh ya... c as pple dey vex 4 d guy... if u look at his myspace page ud notice dat he has taken pictures with all d pple he mentioned in the hook (evn tho he probably begged 2 b photographed, chris brown looked pissed, evn paris sef... lol)... so wat i think hes tryin 2 say is that it was too much efizi that made him get close enuf to those celebs to take pictures, lol. d song is not so bad...


This is wack dawg... stick to ur songwriting and quit bringin out dese lame ass tracks...

Mola OG

Hmmm, wonder why people dont like dude... thanx for stoppin by the blog AJ


please did any body listen to rythm 93.7 wen riz cald kemistry live on her show from usa to talk about his new joint 'show u bout it' ft trey songz and other stuffs including sauce kid. Please correct me if am rong about this but am sure he said d song is his. I checked you tube for this song and I saw a different Riz wid d grills and all, this guy actually raps and Riz men wat is going it me...cuz Kemistry was sayin dat d song is hot...n yes it is.

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