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October 05, 2008



no, laylow produced no dull me... song's not badd newaes

o yeh? thanx for the info. I guess what I heard was wrong.


I love it ..


It's a very good dance track. I like it, despite the message.

Mola OG

@ Bisi, yeh its a good song.

@Wienna same here, Rayce has some more fire tracks on the way... he is good.


@ shadylilmiss, you are 100% wrong. I know the truth and i will tell u. Go and listen to the audio of No dull me by morachi and listen to the ending of the song.... u will hear Ah Ah Ah ADMIRE!!! which is Rayce. Rayce beat is ADMIRE BEAT.

Laylow is just tryin to claim what he cant do, n i tell ... u cant compare Rayce with Laylow coz I have work wit both of them and Rayce is a KILLER BEAT.

No Dull Me... Produced By Rayce Admire Beat.

Rayce Fan

I am a BIG FAN of Rayce, funny enough his Album is not out... honestly I cant wait to grab it. His songs are hot n tight and his production is amazing folks. I heard he has a love song call "I am In Love" and same with FACE also will this time we will know who is in love, Rayce or Face.



I got a hold on Rayce promo Cds i hide it from my friends who were tryin to steal it frm me. I cant imagine that happening .... Nakiyeh and SOLO alone is a HIT. But I heard he has anoda songs that are HIT also.. WHO IS THIS RAYCE AND WHAT IS HIS MISSION??? pls some1 help me to find out!!!!!.



I love Rayce . He is cool.




Hey nice post. I'm not up to date with the whole 'yahoo-yahoo' idea. But you seem to be informed musically.
I have excerpts from my album on myspace. Could you check it out and tell me what you think?


ok... sooo...
@ Truth: sounds like u dont like laylow very much
it was probably a collabo btw laylow n rayce... however way, i cant b bothered cuz i'm not so crazy bout d song
laylow's quite skilled too, at least he produced hapuya like that, n that was a hit in its own rights. i dunno how well no dull me is doin in d market...

newaes, Rayce is talented.


Gud to know.
@ shadylilmiss: there was no collabo btw laylow n Rayce. Hmm I am an insider. Ask Morachi, which does he prefer to work with. Laylow or Rayce.
Abt the No dull Me. Lets see how strong the promotion of the video its gonna b like coz I tell u the beat was off da hook. ADMIRE BEAT Rayce. I hail!!!


loool... this is gettin weird but...
i'm an insider too, LOL
laylow n morachi r like best friends.. so i dont really get u.. u're probably on rayce's payroll, lol. but newaes, its all good, it doesnt really matter who produced wat, wat matters is they r consistent in makin hits. (but really, no dull me's just very noisy, thats y i made it my alarm on my pc... lol) okay so end of chapter... this here's about rayce, not morachi. i'm sure if mola wanted comments about no dull me he'd have uploaded d song, lol. sooo... bye!


@ shadylilmiss: yu dont know anytin why dont u shut up???? and stop makin comments over dat is not real. u dnt know anythin so keep shut ok??????? go n make ur research b4 putin any comments over here. No Dull Me was produced By Rayce "Admire Beat" U can even ask laylow him self.



wow bayo... pple like u never cease to amaze me... d'u really have to do that just to prove a point?? i dunno u n u dunno me, so wats with d hostility? wat exactly's d biggie about who produced no dull me, its not like d song's d next gongo aso or sth... i had already said "END OF CHAPTER". this post here's about rayce n i've already said he's talented... so y rnt u satisfied with that, y d'u want 2 start an argument about sth that is not?? besides, i really dunno how this is UR business, the exchange was between SHADYLILMISS n TRUTH, not SHADYLILMISS n BAYO. so please dont think u can just appear from nowhere n start gettin aggressive.

P.S: u're not Mola, so u cant tell me how to post comments. *steups*

na wa o... wish kine song b dis? n na wish kine hair dey for d guy head? d song sweet wit style sha

Mola OG

@ the song sweet well... thanx for stoppin by the blog..


please can you send me this song


please can you send me this song

Abagun Abisoye

dis is a super club song.....champagne popping djs should play it at least 4times.

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