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October 22, 2008


Mola OG

kriticque no luck with that Sugar Cane song yet... just an FYI




As a brief aside, tell Jagz a close friend recommends Pro-activ. :p

The song is alright, though he still needs to spend quality time at Oluseyi's School of Rap Lyrics and Cadence Coaching. There's a line where he uses "critic" as a verb - or at least appears to - when he wanted "critique," which has a different syllabic stress. It's little details like that which keep artists who are trying to sound American from succeeding, and thus tank their chances of selling units in the US.

I like the beat, though. It's in the same space as Timbaland's "The Way I Are," for instance. I definitely want to hear more from this guy.

Mola OG

@ Oluseyi u r right he can improve his rap (not that I can rap though)... However, as u said the beat is sick!


aww thanx Mola i'm sure i'm puttin u thru a whole lotta stress... but newaes, i love this song! its almost as nice as sugarcane baby, lol.
@ Oluseyi... WOW again. LOL


see my family o...! the Abaga boiz r d HOTTEST lyrically, u dont want 2 mess with them. my sweerie pie, MI, 's still d one for me tho... LOL

Mola OG

Mrs M.I so u have just decided to claim family sha.... lol! ...I guess Jagz is ur brother in law ba?


ah, yes now! LOL

Boondock St.

Nice song, hot beat...@Oluseyi I believe he knows the difference btw critique and critic, wat u need to understand is that in rap u can't just pronounce words as they truly are especially when u are following a rhyme pattern, that is why u find rappers break words up that usually r not meant to be broken apart or the make them sound the way they want it to..

btw 30% if not more of words US artists use are mispronounced intentionally or otherwise for rhyming purposes. Even sentence structure is a problem The reason the so-called "American sounding African" u mention don't sell units per se to the american crowd is not really about accents or mispronunciation but rather different/unrelated messages...their experiences so differ and typical of Americans they are so unwilling to listen to anything different from theirs. When the experiences are now similar (typical of acclimatized immigrants brought up in d US), such artists now have a 1 in a million chance to strike gold...


Jagz is ill. Saw him perform at MI's album listening yesterday at Swe Bar and the shit was wow! The flow...mad men..The Abaga boys are straight ill (and very humble too). ANother artiste to note is: Ice Prince. He's with them Abaga's. See pictures of the album listening party on

Hats off man. You are doing a great job

Mola OG

@plastiQ thanx for stopping by the blog and ur kind words... I will lookout for Ice Prince...
I checked the site out and it looks like it was fun... was that a listening party for his Album or the mixtape?

Naa Ayeley - Ghana

mehn i dnt care anyone says, Jagois ma favorite rapper of all tyms and the song Greatest is ma fav inspirational song of all tyms, i lyk the way it began slowly, wid its transition into a faster pace, i like de sound of that girl's voice over. i love love his rap. ive known that song for a year now and till date i still put it on repeat as if its brand new. i love Jesse, and hes still the greatest

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