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October 21, 2008



Yeah! Its Fragrance! She's getting so much love in 9ja these days. Don Jazzy, Femi Kuti and Faze are the latest of a long line of fans that think she's the next best thing. So, Mola, I guess that "thing",... that "x factor" u saw in her is beginning 2 creep thru the industry. That aside, I heard the show was a huge success. The whole of Ikeja felt the after-effects. Too bad the Governor stopped them from having the usual annual parades. It would have given International artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand and co. the chance to see Lag and how much fanaticism we've got. Felabration is heading 2 London on 22nd Oct (2day).

Mrs. M.I(lol!)

r u serz?! hmmm, i guess its her time. her looks are definitely a big plus for her... i dont think she's all that. but that aside, its about time naija had a hot female rulin the airwaves (we need our own beyonce! lol). i'm happy for her.


Fragrance na fine girl, but that "Boyfriend" song... damn! 1989 called and asked for their Evi-Edna Ogoli back! I mean, "Stop the fight! / You may looooose your life!" LOL.

Give her something from the last five years and she should be alright.


So we now have a Simon Cowell of Nigerian decent. To think I thought the real Simon was hard. 1st, it was ID Cabasa's song being "extremely weak", then Banky being seen as a guy who "simply can't sing." Now its Fragrance and " 1989 ...Evi-Endna Ogoli." Who's next on the firing line?!... Mind u, I'm starting 2 doubt ur credence in music analysis. I wonder wut u would make of an artist like megastar DBanj, who counts his words whenever he vaguely attempts to rap or do anything of that sort. Don't get me wrong, I've been a fan since "Tongolo", but still... I wan know who u feel say sabi music 4 9ja.


I love D'Banj, but not at all times. Some things are just not his forte.

Here's the deal: be authentic, but also be relevant/contemporary. Fragrance is authentic, but it's a dated sound - it's unfortunate for her, but no belus. Banky W is inauthentic - falsetto, other people's beats, fake accent - but contemporary, so he's more popular than Fragrance (and deservedly so). D'Banj is both contemporary and largely authentic, so his songs like "Fall in Love," "Tongolo," "Why Me," "Pere," "Maje," "Gbono Feli Feli," "Igwe," etc are certified bangers. Songs like "Booty," though, get some play because it's him, then fade into the background where they belong.

(The beat plays into authenticity, too, and I don't mean that the beat has to "sound Naija." M.I., for instance, sounds authentic even flowing over the "Drop It Like It's Hot" sample.)

Of course, the personality and charisma of the artist are factors as well. D'Banj has a lot of charisma. Banky W has a good amount, too. Fragrance actually has a healthy helping, but we're not used to taking female artists all that seriously, unfortunately, so she's going to have to work harder.

Yes, I enjoy yabbing people, but there's science to this shit. Nobody can predict if a song or artist will experience popularity, but you can predict likely longevity with a surprisingly high rate of accuracy.

Btw... Simon Cowell? Please. He's just cruel, not insightful about music criticism! He's a pop producer who's greatest success is having unleashed the Spice Girls on the world. I'd appreciate it if you compared me to someone with more credibility, LOL!


WOW Oluseyi, i think i stole ur name! LOL


WOW Oluseyi, i think i stole ur name! LOL

Mola OG

@Ovie Fragrance has a good voice, she just needs a newer type of sound. It will be wise for her to employ some song writers, because her sound is dated... I don't mean to put her on blast but look at what someone sent me the other day of her:

After seeing the video, I was weak, but its definitely an older song.
I see her blowing up regardless, she is hot and her voice is good. Wow! Felabration is going to London too? that's wassup

@Mrs M.I I agree its about time naija had a hot female singer... there will be a lot of hate, but I am sure fragrance can handle it.

@Oluseyi lol ur a trip bro!... LMAO @ "Stop the fight! / You may looooose your life!"

@Eseosa thanks for stoppin by the blog. I feel u Oluseyi is definitely hard on all these artists, but because he points out valid points to backup his statements, you can't be mad at him...

@Oluseyi I agree with ur analysis on D'banj's charisma and his authenticity being one of the keys to his mega-success... The funny thing is that if someone attempts to copy that, they automatically become inauthentic. The formula is different for everyone, look at a 9ice; his unique ability to mix english and conk Yoruba lyrics on an Id Cabasa beat works very well for him. 9ice is not a flashing superstar at first sight nor is he obviously charismatic when we see him perform or accept awards. What we love about 9ice is his music, delivery and content. What we love about D'banj is his charisma and unpredictability when he is on stage. Also his different unique and original terms such as kokolette and mamalette...
I concur in your thinking that no one can really predict if an artist will experience popularity...

@kriticque I am tellin you, both of you should switch names


Lol. I actually just saw that Fragrance video. lmao. In truth, that was terrible. She was still with some old group, D&I Entertainment, or so. Hot Dang! lol.

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