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October 12, 2008



Hmmm....still on the fence about these new songs. Maybe cos i've not heard all of them or something. Still think his first & second albums are the best up to date sha.

4kd up

4kd up

Mola OG

@Wienna, to be honest, I am not a big fan of Faze which makes me unfamiliar with his prior albums...

@anon, I can respect ur opinion. U prolly expected better from Faze?

wienna're not a fan of Faze? Na wa o.

Mola OG

no not really, I'm diggin the originality song though...

The Trust

@ ALL. Hmm Hmm HMM Its seems we have a new Artist dats has the same familiar names: Face & Rayce. I am on Rayce side, who wants to join me???

SiSi Blu

I'm feeling this song jare...I'm a Faze stan sha..norrin do me!

Mola OG

@Sisi Blu nothin do u o


seems like this The Trust/The Truth (i believe they're the same, lol) is on Rayce's payroll, lol! newaes, me i like d creativity in d song o!

The Trust

@ shadylilmiss , which creativity and which song?


This is so like faze sha...does anyone remember...let me love u alphabetically...LMAO!
I LOVE Originality tho...a classic.
i give this a C-, jst cause i like faze.


wel they say different stroke for different folks,rily in my perception doing the album review wasnt bad,i like a couple of songs there among which originality,spend my money yawa eh,and a classic play ball,which i dream of directing the video.but in all i think the album is creatively designed and one can rest assure dat faze is not a musician that would be forgotten any time soon.

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