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October 27, 2008



it is obvious that she is reading her verse from the PC,that is no freestyle. But her text is tight though.


Yeah, it's not a freestyle when you have PROPS in place in advance. And the flow was pretty weak.

Another new student for Oluseyi's School of Rap Lyrics and Flow! LOL.

Mola OG

either way (freestyle or not) I would say she did a decent job.


I like dis guls..just don't give a f**k. Post some more of dis gul

9ja OT

Must all up coming artists always cuss, she really pissed me off with her cussing. BAD JOB!!


Thanks for the LOVE/COMMENTS
....9ja OT i heard your comment. Will work on that.

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ITS FREE. Thanks ..AaoOwW!!

-Its Ezzie Baby!-

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