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October 31, 2008



1st on this... Durella has "finally" arrived! Give way 4 d Zanga!!! Lets leave "u know who" out of this thread, just this once. lol.

Mola OG

I agree, lets not even mention that name on this post.

love you too gbaski... kissssssssss.


I repeat, this joint is a correct gbedu! TruSpot that shit and support what you like - vote with your pockets (okay, maybe that US election is spilling over here...)

Although, I'm still a "DEVILS" for Life! :-P

Mr Starks

One word. 2gbaski

OMG. heavy. 3gbaski.


Love this.. who is this guy... the song is major


aww i like this! plenty energy. n for once he doesnt sound like he-who-must-not-be-mentioned, lol


Enu o se... Durella!!!

Elenu Nla

how does he not sound like who who who? sha...I won't mention the name. AND Egbe, I never said this sounded like noise.

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