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October 25, 2008



Gr8 stuff! He did himself no good with that "Gunners 4 life" song tho. By far his best project so far. Little problem: is this a Bonus Track off D'banj's Entertainer album??? lol. On the real tho, I find it hard 2 shake of the "Dbanjness" of this song. All the "ha", "enemies", "listen"... e too similar abeg. But still a gr8 song thus far....

SiSi Blu

I am a Durella Stan and I iz feeling this track! He and D'Banj will always sound similar, abi will he now change his voice?

Enu O se Durella! Simply put.. the boy is the boy and the boy is 2gbaski! Compare all you want but there is no getting away from the boy's talent. Thanks for the song. Stan.


can you please send me this song


This song is extremely listenable - way better than anything else I've heard from Durella (still laughing @ "I am a gunners for life"!). Still not a fan, but I can slip this one in a playlist and not need to hit skip.

Meanwhile, his photographer should add some yellow light to bring out the red tones in his skin in that shot. Shooting black people with only white light makes us look ashy.


As in one time and I am loving the song........Especailly "dont let your life be a wasted journey" it is just too nice......hheehehehe at this point he should sound like dbanj, if dbanj is not careful he will take over..........What happened to the rest of the song........I was dancing already and then it cuts off...

One of Durella's greatest assert is his deversity. I LOVE GUNNERZ 4 LIfe... I mean look at where he took it... even non Gunnerz love it... did you actually listen to it. Durella nothing do you jo!

Mola OG

@Ovie It will be hard for anyone not to pick a D'banj element in a Durella song, considering how he initially started out sounding like a carbon copy of the koko master. However, I think the King of the Zanga is sounding more authentic now.

@Sisi Blu you are korrect, he can't change his voice

@Anon u are back!...Durella is delivering these days.

@Oluseyi, u know I haven't heard that gunners for life song, i'll listen to it in a minute.
lol @ 'Shooting black people with only white light makes us look ashy. '
It appears that u know a lot about rapping, taking pictures and the english language.

@Ola I will post the full version as soon as it gets released.

@Anon no i have not heard it yet, I will check it out as soon as I leave this comment..thanx for stoppin by the blog

Sounding like a Carbon copy... it is misguided statements like this, that makes you wonder what you are doing writing a blog about music.

In the zanga was Durella's first single... what was carbon copy about that. Wiskolo wiska, Shayo... Do you actually listen?!

Mola OG

@Anon I can only speak according to what I have heard from Durella.
Do u have that song so that I can listen to it, u seem to know a whole lot about Durella. I have only heard 3 songs from him. Abeg email me the song
I stand corrected, I don't know everything about every artist, I can not always be right.

I know a lot about Durella because unlike a lot of people outside 9ja I actually pay attention to the music that is coming out of 9ja... and it is going places. From the flow of In the zanga, to wiskolo wiska... I found him interesting, the beat of in the zanga was of the hook and I wasn't suprised when gongo aso blew, as it was produced by the execellent ID Cabasa... who also slapped up Shayo! I like your blog, I have always said it, but you have to remember that you have the power to influence many and hence your home work must be top notch... found gunnerz on youtube:

And yes we are winning everything this year ;-)


"And yes we are winning everything this year."

I'm sure Mr Anon's bias has finally shone thru with that last Arsenal remark. Its real easy to lose credibility with a one-liner. When the carbon copy changes his voice, wake me up. Till then, I'll try enjoying D'Banjs Bonus Tracks off the King of the Zanga's album.

people who say he sounds like d'banj have no ears, m loving my king of d zanga cos m his queen, lol.
gunners for life was tight, u heardddd me.

Ovie it very simply... you like what you like.. np. but to ask someone to change their God given voice is... hmm, not making much sense. This is why I love Nigeria... P-Square came out... rip off Usher... D'banj tell you he trys to sing like Fela... openly dresses like him... no complain or both grounds but oh My GOD, Durella needs to change his voice because D'banj sounds like him... WHAT???!!!

I lost credibility becos I am a Gunner... ok, wake me uo when you start making sense.


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Enu O se Durella! Simply put.. the boy is the boy and the boy is 2gbaski! Compare all you want but there is no getting away from the boy's talent. Thanks for the song.

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