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October 22, 2008



I seriously think Lanre writes the best hooks of all the Naija *rappers* out there (D'banj is not a rapper, for the record) - and, as he likes to point out frequently, he's been doing it for 10 years.

LOL @ Atlanta to Okokomaiko!


Nice track.. do they hav all dos cars? not cool rapping bou wat u cant afford plz, otherwise dope track..


It hardly gets better. Been slamming it all morning. I heard eL's album is "thick." Few people i know already have it, but, out of respect, they're leaving it on the low. In truth, he's our best crooner. He just needs that lil bit of luck 2 rule Africa.
Mola, keep it up! I hope, someday, u'll reap rewards 4 putting in so much effort in doing what u do.
Merci Beaucoup!


As a wrap, gotta say Del's cameo was the best...


Here we go again, I will agree with Ovie so far Eldeee is on another level, like you said he has been around from the time of tribes men.........This particular song is just too crunk(naija style) i know this is just the beginning of better things, now he is in Naija trust He will learn the game to make him Get on top, God willing.......This particular song is nice but prefer my Bosi Gbangba, that is the ultimate jam of the year.........I believe he should get an award for the song of the year and video of the year........


how do i get this songs


the song is off the chain, 2shots is at it i love that guy. at least there were no cuss words on the song, nice one eldee

Mola OG

@Oluseyi I agree, eLDee can write a mean hook

@Sammy I don't see any reason why they can't talk about it... may be they are singing about their buddy or a group of people they have seen in naija... Inspiration to a song can come from anywhere, and it does not hurt to personalize it if it is a good thing

@Ovie thanx for the kind words. Oladele surprised me, he did a great job...

@Ola I concur... he should definitely get best video of the year..

@Kola I got u

@9jaot u r correct they did not drop one curse word...I think 2shotz did an Ok job, nothing phenomenal.


been followin eldee since the days of da trybe...the brother's definately ringin ma number. lovly track. and whats this i hear about his album, omo, am i that off piont


Me loves it. Is it me or does Banky W have a sexy, sultry voice? *licking lips*

BTW, Mola...pls could you include a download link to this, pls. Thanks

Mola OG


There u go
***Sorry I had to take the download link off***

People are getting mad for leaking the song...

Mola OG

@Toju thanx for stopping by the blog...


"gotta rep my hood, I'm from Lagos city in Naija!"

Indeed, I rep Eko as well. Thank God for good music. I am so tired right now (have been up working since 3am this morning) but this has me itching to go out even though I have no energy.



money in d duffle bag heavy like gbim gbim, now i gat power like say i bin dey gym gym, these dudes are hawt! eldee and oladele killed d song, banky w did his thing, 2 shot sef try. I'm sure this song will blow up in naija

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