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October 14, 2008



this is quite dope i must say. very laid back rap song, fits the personality. props


lol @ peperempe. havent heard that word in a while.

Sisi Blu

Disco Peperempe!! Luffin this! Who sang the hook though?


awwwwww me likeyyyyy!

"i'll be there in a hurry when u caaaaaalll"

peperempe! yaaay! go amplifdyyyd!

Mola OG

I agree Jayhood, 9ice and mellow joint..thanx for stoppin by the blog

@Temi, I feel u, that is full naija slang

@Sisi Blu B-Eazy, the dude on the far right in the pic sang the hook

@Atilade, my own best part is 'and so my cell phone rings like 3 times, not inclined to pick the line... It's a voicemail from my homeboy Muyo, Bungalow'...


@ mola thanks..sometimes i wonder why b-eazy and co. never get mentioned when it comes to who the best hiphop artists from naija are.

umm... so MOLA do u have any of these good-looking fellas' contact info by any chance? pweeety pweeessee lol

Mola OG

@ Atilade I know someone who knows someone that knows their cousin... but you have to show me what u look like first. just email me a pic or 2 and I will pass it along to the 'someone' I!

Na i don't have their contact info.


@ atilade: r u talkin bout d same b-eazy n co azin beazy, playbach, chikay, etc ... based in d uk? cuz if u r i've been lookin for one of their songs for ages! "alive"... d'u kno it and/or have it?


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i tear up evrytime i hear this chorus...the song is already on my ipodddd! forget about it!!!

Mola OG

@Trini I think Atilade is talking about B-Eazy; a member of the Amplifyd crew who is on the far right in the picture above ... thanx for stoppin by the blog

@funke why I tearing up? u think he is talkin to u abi? R u the facebook babe in d song :)... Absolutely, this is a banger.... thanx for stoppin by the blog


oh ok... thanx for d info ;)... dunno much about them, lol. cool song tho


haha see all these people dey craze for nice song o, its like the chilled version of kini big deal by NATO c. cool

Mola OG

@agbara thanx for stoppin by d blog...

u guys can like to tell a sister where she cn get this song, i wanna play it on my radio show bt i kent find it anywhere maynnn shet!

Mola OG

There u go:



please can you send me this song


the hook is a seller.


@ solomon i was just thinking the same...classic hit

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