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October 16, 2008



Congrats, AA. Even though, the whole show was boring, it would've been nice if they had allowed at least an African artist to perform sha. And i don't understand why they never showed P-Square's video when they were showing the nominations. The MOBO awards has definitely lost its touch over the years.




Yes o, the MOBO's wasn't all that this year, but i am happy that Mr 9ice did his thing..BIG UP!!cheers for the spread and hot blog I must say..keep it up



i'm happy for him...!

SiSi Blu

Alapo Surplus!! Yeeeeeeh!! Congrats mehn!
Mr notjustok, I like your use of the word "FLOG" haha

Mola OG

@Wienna I did not get the chance to watch it, I can imagine you dozing off during the show...The British are dry especially in their humor.. I hope they step it up next year...

@Temi, Alapo Plenty, Alapo Various

@Chuks, thanx for stoppin by bro. 9ice blog

@shadylilmiss yep, he deserves the win.

@Sisi Blu I just had to use it... the word re-enforces his achievement...


Big up 2 d alapomej2 king, 4 crusing d mobo 4 9ja, especialy 4 d islanders big up 9ice.


Honestly, can you imagine them showing it at 10.45pm till 12.45am. How many people go watch am on a weekday for that mattter? They used to show it on a major terrestial channel before until they last year. I wouldn't be surprised if many people didn't tune in to watch it. I found myself most of the time changing the channel to AIT instead.


Congrats 9ice, its an award that was well deserved. Liked the outfit though, but you could loose the just didn't cut it with that nice outfit.


its nice dat he is finally gettin the award


Alapo plenty!!!!!

Congrats to him. He really is a shining star! I am waiting for a video for Photocopy. That song is my anthem for at least this week, lol!

When that vid comes out, I have to feature it.

But, my broda, have you heard a song "Burn Fire" by some girl group called Iban? Abeg, hit Youtube and listen. I don't want to comment, but will say if that is the future of Nigerian girl groups, I am very nervous. Why aren't there more girl groups from Naija that can produce serious music and compete with the men? It seems as if male Nigerian musicians have a monopoly on the music industry. Anyway, hope all is well with you, o jare. Enjoy your weekend.

Mola OG

@fatai ki lo n sele...thanx for stoppin by

@baloo I am tellin u, looks like he is gettin closer to the Grammy award he predicted a while ago

@SSD at all I have not heard that song yet... I will check it out
Be patient as time passes, the females will spring up and start shining... one female just has to come out with a fiya album and the momentum will start.

Mola OG

SSD lol I saw dat video... I now see y u were nervous..

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