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October 28, 2008


Boondock St.

This is this wat they are calling a concert??? We claim our music is borderless yet we can't seem to package it well enuff to be universal..little things like this add up...

Mola OG

@Boondock this is his first tour in the states and it doesn't look like he toured with a band... I think we should cut him some slack just this once.
I feel u we definitely need to package the music better to actually make it universal.


Purple leather jacket? Shit. The 80s are back for real! Look, I don't want to see no niggas in neon-colored spandex and kangols, OKAY?


@Boondock: Chill, buddy. The problem is neither with our music (which rocks) or our people, but with the lack of taste among a certain segment of promoters and event planners. 9ice is too good and too successful (awards all over the place) to keep being booked by losers. Soon enough he'll network with some real party planners, and it'll be on and popping.


lol@oluseyi regarding the jacket. E no fit him at all. Not the best colour for him. Maybe TP was too tired to style him.

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