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September 23, 2008


Sisi Blu

I likeeee! It's a mixtape so hopefully it will come out on audio at least.

Mola OG

wow, I just listened to it again back 2 back... this is a good song, I am diggin it.

Mr Starks

I am really loving this song, plus the random video thingy. Can't wait for the mixtape.


song's not badd... but wat was with all d f-words 2wards d end?? hey i heard sid's dat old guy actor justice esiri (or sth)'s son. n i cldnt but notice, k-switch looks a lot like d'banj. r they related or sth?

Mola OG

@ Mr Starks I can't wait either

@ Annie, yeh K-switch is D'banj's younger brother.


off da chain!!!! dats wat ds song is. And outta ds world!!!!...dats wat ds video is. I feel u guys too much! Am so proud or y'all. For real,u guys got talent...d type dat dont come by practise...u just gotta av it to b able to do wat u guys did on ds video. K-switch...u and ur bro fit impersonate una selves y'know? lol! peace guys!!!

Mola OG

Toks I concur in your yarns, they did a great job.

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