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September 08, 2008


Love this track... Wiskolo Wiska, the incredible Mesta!!! Heavy!




Very Good ... Excellent Lyricist. He reminds of Lil Weezy ..

Mola OG

@anon abeg get yourself a name, even if its DurellaFan... I know that you are the Durella fan. I am about to upload a video specially for you ma guy.

@Huey I was too impressed with M.I... his delivery is crisp

@Bisi yeh he does kind a flow like Weezy..

Sisi Blu

Oh my goodness!! they way he is rapping is toooooooooooo TITE!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! I am tripping!!

Sisi Blu

Is it the same Djinee that sang EGO?? Sure doesn't sound like him


I've heard it a few times on AIT but i actually always thought an american sang it. I so love this. I'm more in love with MI. There'r so many wack artists in naija now that call themselves 'rappers'. Ruggedman had better watch it o. His ego is sooooooooooo going to be bruised o.


dude's flow is smooth,...silky smooth....he ties in everyone from weezy, 2face, timaya,...impressive...

meanwhile: ur blog is cool dude...way to go

Mola OG

@ Sisi Blu easy now dear, don't trip too much o lol... I think, it's the same Djinee that sang Ego, he and M.I are affiliated through Chocolate City Music.

@Weinna I am sensing groupie tendecies :)...Rugged man will have to watch out, these new rappers are not playing... everybody wants in now and they are bring the heat..

@blackwall I appreciate ur kind words.. Yesir M.I is the truth. I am getting ready to feature him as the notjustOk hype for September.. thanks for stoppin by the blog!


looool....chei i no be groupie o, wetin be the meaning of that one? I'm just a big fan of his plus i'm feeling those dark chocolate-skinned men these days. I mean OD, MI, Djinee, Elajoe...i dey trip o. Light-skinned men are overhyped IMO. If you get in touch with MI, tell him i'm falling for him. loool


Mehnnn!!! I have been playing this song nonstop.. This guy tried o!! I am a groupie..though I heard another song of his that was just ok.


MI is THE most talented rapper in Nigeria. like he's just got a way with words! n he knows how 2 blend stuff. u'd kno he's very intelligent. sad shame he's underrated. hope this song is a hit tho... how can i download this?
P.S: Ruggedman pales in comparison, i dont think he can b classified as a rapper cuz he's so whack! (sorry i never liked him). Mode9 probably falls in 2nd place, but def not Rugged.

Mola OG

lol another M.I lover... I don't like comparing people though everyone has something to offer and each person's strength is different...


yeah well rugged's strength is DEF not rappin, lol


n heyyy thanx for the link!!! d'u kno where i can download nigerian songs for free?

Mola OG

yes. go to




nice track... but he's got too much of this lil wayne shit goin... flow your way dude...

Spit It
How You Feel It

Kelly Jones

this is the reigning guy...listen to M.I not any other rubbish naija songs

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