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September 30, 2008


deji d

lmao. these guys are proper razz. runs-t, ay shaga as names? lol too funny. they better not quit their day jobs. this was entertaining


i watched the video and i like it, its better than 95 percent of the crap that comes out of the music industry in Nigeria, the lyrics to the song is tight as oppose to the crap that the rest of the Nigerian artists write, th problem with us is that we are not supportive, i'd rate these guys over most of the artists i ve been listening to from Nigeria.

Mola OG

@ deji, lol @ razz... the video is just comedy to me...

@zizzle slow ur roll bro. I don't think u and I have been hearing the same music from naija lately. Like I said in the post, it is an Ok song, but in no way is it as good or better than 95% of the music coming out of naija, that is an insult.
The video itself was the main reason I posted it.
Thanks for stopping by bro and I appreciate your comment


I love this video, i love the swagger that these guys have, it's refreshing, and who is the buff guy with the bulletproof? he's so sexy, damn, does any1 have more information about him? i trid to find out more about him but couldnt, if any1 know how i can get in touch with him i will be forever grateful, thanks, whoever knows him or has his contact info, please let me know, please help a girl out.

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