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August 26, 2008



Ok i am really feeling this jam though.......Kinda had a little bit of Eldee in it though........Nice jam.

Mola OG

In regards to the 'little bit of eLdee' comment, eLdee was probably an influence on him in during his 'come up'. it is only natural for the new dudes to get some of their influence from the older guys.


Let me not lie i am feeling the song sa. Real nice.

segun shonowo

erm,people sorry but u obviously dnt knw dat lambo has been in d game 4 eva. nd d eldee influence ur talkin about is cuz they were both in lag together nd happen to be frndz. lambo used to b the second half of la-la. which was him nd sound sultan b4 he left 9ja 4 jand to further his studies.

Mola OG

Segun, thanx for the info, I had no idea... good info

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