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August 25, 2008


t thiink this is one of the deepest songs i have heard this year and it's a pitty it's 2years old.i can confidently say he's up there with the best,lyrics wise and music wise....all the best brov.respect.

Mola OG

I concur, his content and flow are mature. I'm waiting eagerly for new material from F-siX.


OK, wow like for this song i had to listen to it twice. Lyric wise it is just to exceptionally good, and definitely the right beat for it. I Like songs that really make alot of sense and one more thing I could hear all what was said clearly. Good job also reminds me of NAS you said in previous comment they all have to have someone to motivate them. Love it.

SiSi Blu

Mehn, many artists are shining, others like F-six are being slept on. I love this song.

Mola OG

Sisi Blu that is exactly the same reaction I had when I heard F-six... Naija is full of talent...
F-six working on finishing up his schooling and then he might get back to recording.

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