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August 16, 2008



the song is hot..but he is a copycat!..he sounds tooo much like d'banj!!...

Mola OG

exactly! that copycat tactic might not work out well for him...

Have you guys actually taken time to listen... D'banj can't flow like Durella in a million years... this not sing one line then pulse... listen and appreciate Durella for the talented MF that he is. Go to youtube and type in durella to see what this guy is all about.

Mola OG

u know, may be his content is better than Dbanj's but the way he packages it is 90 percent D'banj...

90% D'banj... please expland.

So he wears a FELA type outfit?

Or is it that he stands, sings, does his little dance and delivers your not everyday lyrics.

What exactly is 90% D about DURELLA... hmm?

The lack of sight that makes people use the word copycat, blows me... what exactly did he copy?

Durella is a talent that stands on his own, if you don't know now, you will know shortly, its really not complicated.

Mola OG

lol, you are true Durella fan and I respect that...but you know that deep inside, Durella reminds you of Dbanj.. I know u r a stan, but everyone that hears his song or sees his video immediately ask the inevitable question 'why dis guy de try copy Dbanj?'...and u know that u asked the same question the first time u heard him ...Don't lie...

Of course... I even abuse am self... but I corrected myself when I heard more is work. Sure D'banj is all over the place and Durella is just begining to make an impact, but what my problem is, is not that the D'banj comparism is justified, but that his work is almost un-noticed by those like you who should know better.

The talent is there for all to see, if we look. I think this guy is just too much, or like he says he is too gbaski!!!

Queen of my zanga still remains my fav.

Mola OG

I actually agree with you in your statement 'the D'banj comparism is justified, but that his work is almost un-noticed'... I actually like Durella and I hope as time goes on we all can see him as a unique artist and seperate him from anything relating to Dbanj... Let's see what happens.

I just saw your advance warning post... interesting! So 2gbaski is getting air time on MTV now. Thanks for posting, I guess stan is the new fan.

Good work with the blog... now I have it as a must read.

SiSi Blu

Me, I love Durella o as well as D'banj. They can def share the spotlight. Though the gist I heard is that Durella started out a whillllllle back too. Maybe he just never got that big break till now.

I keep hearing that as well... but for me I just can't wait for someone to bring the Durella album over, lets see what he is really got. SHAYO!!!!

Mola OG

is his album out? I didn't think he had an album out.

Durella 2gbaski Tc record representa does not have an album out yet, although I hear it comes out on the 1st of December.. can't wait.

Mola OG

@ anon, thanks for the info, I am looking forward to Durella's album






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