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May 27, 2008


Vera Ezimora

Hey, am I really the first to leave a comment??? I'm not gonna jump till later

Vera Ezimora

Definitely better to be scarce. I'm writing an article about this...just not done yet.

Mola OG

Vera, i'll definitely check your article on the subject...i'm sure it will have a weird twist to it... i still can't get over your quirk #1...


Ok this is my thought..........I will definitely say it is better to be scarce than to be common.......I have learnt from experience that when people know you will be available they really do not know your worth and just think because you are common(you will always be available) they dont have to work hard in order to get what they want from you. Being scarce to me means, you are valuable and more appreciated. A good way of saying this is, it is better to be missed and appreciated than for you to be always accessible and depreciated. SCARCITY=APPRECIATION, COMMON=DEPRECIATION. This is a very good topic and should have more comments, I cant wait to see other peoples thoughts on this topic.

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