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February 18, 2008



Ohh you know what i have to comment on this video.........Just too cool....I am going to quote one of my peoples lines on what he said about this video.........He made the ghetto part of Lagos, look so cool in this video...I love this video ever so much. Kudos to him and obviously did not feel he needed to use the touche part of lagos for his video.....It is nice to know that someone from out of the country can make our ghetto area look cool..........Loollll.Love Naija men

Mola OG

Kweli passes for a Naija guy, as in he looks normal on that Okada


that's wassup. okada cruising is not a bad thing. they should start over in the US too lol


nevr nue talib did a song in 9ja. I thot it was only dat african rockstar thingy n dat was bout d okada..he look cool doh. he makin sense anyways.

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